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La Nueva Alianza



"El Se?Jes?a noche en que fue entregado, tom?n y, despu?de dar gracias,

lo parti?ciendo: 'Esto es Mi Cuerpo, que es entregado por ustedes;

hagan esto en memoria M?'  De igual manera, tomando la copa,

despu? de haber cenado, dijo: Esta copa es la nueva alianza en Mi Sangre.

Todas las veces que la beban h?nlo en memoria M?'"

(1 Corintios/Corinthians 11, 23-25)



"Jesus taught us a wonderful prayer, which we now call 'The Lord's Prayer,'

or the 'Our Father,' to teach us that prayer is the life of the soul.

The catholic saints learned this so well.  Here you will find

answers to many questions about your life, and 'inspirational quotes' 

from great thinkers of the Catholic Church.  Also, an opportunity to

discover the God within you Who offers you the only

true love and happiness that's possible, and much more.

May this website of La Nueva Alianza be a blessing for you and all your loved ones."


Faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and in Christ, -


La Nueva Alianza Ministry



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